Blue-left-ankle-sock is lonely. His right soul-sock has gone missing.
The mystery of the missing single socks is a very common occurrence and too many socks are suffering the same fate.
Where have all these missing socks gone?
Will the single socks ever be reunited with their soul-socks?

Blue-left-ankle knows he must go on a mission, not just to find his own soul-sock, but also to reunite every other missing sock with their partner. To do this, Blue-left-ankle-sock must take up the mission of his life and become the Sockspector.

Sockspector, the adventurous investigator, faces danger at every turn, from sock-muncher Bobo the rabbit, to the terrifying sock-gobbling washing machines. On his magical mission, Sockspector finds true friendship and uncovers the secrets of time travel between sock realms in the sock-iverse.

Sockspector is a fun and quirky adventure which will have you laughing… and leaving you wondering which realm your missing single sock has travelled to.