Tasha Saartje Rose is a children’s fiction author, she grew up in Cumbria, England, where she spent her childhood years in the outdoors, on farms and with her first love, horses. The breathtakingly magical views and landscape of her surroundings inspired her to inject her imagination and fantasy into any situation. Now based in Hong Kong, a fast paced and fascinating city with a love for quirky socks, sparked Tasha’s latest creation.

Ever since Tasha moved from the UK, she has been inspired by the fast-paced spirit of Asia. The generation of ideas and execution of projects and dreams move at an astonishing rate. This inspired Tasha to put pen to paper and pursue her own dream of one day seeing her stories published in black and white.

Sockspector is Tasha’s debut children’s fiction book, published in 2022 with Olympia Publishers and Bumblebee Books, London. Tasha had enough of losing many odd single socks and was genuinely puzzled where they all disappeared to. Her imagination ran wild and in the story she explores the parallel world of the sock-iverse and the phenomenon of time travel between sock-realms. Join the adventurous investigator, Sockspector, on his mission to find all the lost socks!

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